Atelier 22 started as a dream when I was about 15 years old. Being raised by a grandparents who gave to everyone in need without having much I want to continue their legacy. My grandfather being a man who couldn’t go near a mirror without stopping and my grandmothers’ birthday being 2/22/22, this is an extension of the home I grew up in. Where beauty, love and paying forward was a priority.
— Katherine H. Ostergaard, Founder

About the founders: Katherine H. Ostergaard and Annette Polanco

Being raised in a household where their grandmother had 7 girls, was a seamstress who could make anything without a pattern and also a grandfather who never saw a mirror he didn’t like and always with a comb in hand, it is not a surprise that they became infatuated with everything related to beauty.

Katherine and Annette’s mother was also heavily involved in the beauty industry as a professional hair stylist, who was always on top of the latest trend. She encouraged their individuality and self expression from an early age.

Whether it was a hairbrush, makeup brush, a yard of fabric, or even a camera to capture it all, the girls surrounded themselves with opportunities to pave the way for their dreams to come true. With hard work and perseverance Atelier 22 was born, providing a vessel for Fresa’s hair care line to come into fruition.

Katherine and Annette were raised in a household where paying it forward was instilled in them from a very young age. It is their hope that Atelier 22 will add to the legacy of their late, dear grandmother Fresa Hernandez. Fresa was a key factor to their upbringing and gave them their work ethic and values.

Born on 2/22/22 in the Dominican Republic, Fresa was no stranger to hard times and those experiences are what led to her instilling in her granddaughters the importance of charity and philanthropy.

One of my grandma’s favorite quotes, for me, was her reply to my question “Why don’t I ever win the lottery?” (besides the fact I never even played) She would always answer, “Because you wouldn’t even enjoy it, you would give it all away.” She was probably right. Even as a teenager I was a mother to many, yet I had given birth to just one. A natural nurturer, I’ve always gravitated towards helping everyone in need. So much so, that it has earned me the nickname of Mama Netty amongst my friends. Growing up in the household we grew up in, my sister and I have always had the dream of being in a position to help others in any way we can. Our business endeavors will always be a means to help us become the humanitarians we have always dreamed of. Atelier 22 and Fresa’s will become synonymous with altruism.
— Annette Polanco, Co-founder

Katherine and Annette have honored their grandmother’s legacy through Atelier 22 by incorporating her infamous 2’s into their company name, as well as introducing her name as their product brand. The journey has been years in the making and the girls look forward to the continued growth of their company and brand, as well as adding to their loving grandmother’s legacy by making Fresa, a household name. 


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