Protecting your hair from the elements: 3 tips

Warmer weather is hopefully around the corner for us, which is great for our souls but not so much for our hair. There are a million and one things we can do to protect our hair from the natural elements here are some of my favorites. 

Stay away from excessive heat. Put down your blow dryers and flat irons. Save that for special events. Embrace your natural hair pattern for that effortless laid back look. Try sleeping with you hair in a loose high bun. Apply a styling cream to dry hair, secured with bobby pins and wake up in the AM with some awesome texture. Works great for straight/wavy hair. I tend to use conditioner as a styling product in the summer especially if I'm going to the beach or will be in a pool. 

Hair treatments and deep conditioning at least once a week for dry/ coarse hair and biweekly or monthly fine hair will help keeping your hair manageable. Apply and leave in for at least 20 minutes under a plastic cap. A great at home remedy is using cold pressed unrefined coconut oil. A little goes a long way. Apply on dry hair, starting at the bottom and working your way to the mid shaft. Comb through and place under cap. Wash hair as you normally do after. Coconut oil has no silicone so it doesn't weigh the hair down. 

Don't forget to keep up with regular haircuts. This is the number one solution to keeping your hair healthy. I always tell my client to remember that split ends act like a running stocking. We must always keep the ends fresh so avoid breakage and to avoid it from going up the hair shaft. So many times I hear "...but I'm letting my hair grow..."or "...I want my hair to grow..." As reasons to why they don't get regular trims. There is nothing uglier to me than long hair that looks like hay because of split ends. I tend to dust my ends about once a month, I know a bit excessive, but it's just me. I recommend 8-10 weeks for long hair and 4-8 for someone with short hair and someone growing out their hair. 

Warmer weather calls for us to spend more time creating memories then fussing over our hair. Just give it some love and play around with whatever you are working with that day. It's a great time for hair accessories and fun braids.  What are some of your favorite spring hair do's you would like to see a tutorial for?